Arena Ball – Arena Ball is a professional sport unique to the ID Series and the rules are, as yet, unknown. Teams mentioned include Big Apple Arena Ball [1], Brawlers[2] (Number twenty-six Jacko Gonzales is a notable player)[3], and the New York Liberties.[4] An Arena Ball player by the name of ‘Snooks’ has also been mentioned.[5]

  • "You'll get your fifty-yard line seats for arena ball."[6]
  • "Favor, my ass, I bribed you with box seats for the Arena Ball play-offs."[7]
  • "Tell that to the linebacker for Big Apple Arena Ball and see where it gets you."[8]
  • "I'll say he plays. He's a killer out there. Scored three goals his last game and took out two defensive blocks.[9]
  • "Two o'clock game ... It's halftime, so I'm making this quick ... Listen, Dallas, they got cheerleaders ... The Liberties. I'm missing halftime."[10]

(See also Recreation)

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