Athame Club – Owned by Selina Cross. A private club, religious in theme, which offers its members group and individual ritual services and is licensed for private sexual functions; it is a suspected chemical distribution center and has been under investigation with Illegals for almost two years [1]

  • Revolving balconies of smoky glass and chrome trim ringed the main level in two tiers
  • The central bar speared out in five points with stools fashioned to resemble optimistically exaggerated body parts
  • Mirrored walls that pulsed with cloudy red lights
  • Some tables tubed for privacy; some were smoked so that silhouettes could be seen; all were coated with a shiny black lacquer
  • Band played on a raised platform
  • The smell of blood pumped out from the air vents for mood enhancement
  • On the second level, instead of tables were floor pillows and thick rugs
  • Dozens of privacy rooms on this level with heavy black doors bearing chrome plaques with names such as Perdition, Leviathan, Hell and Damnation
  • Ages of the clientèle varied from the very young to the very mature with solid, upper middle-class backgrounds[2]

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