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  • Roarke told Eve he made his first million gambling.[1]
  • According to his files, Roarke's gross worth is three billion, eight hundred million.[2]
  • According to Mavis, Roarke owns, "approximately twenty-eight percent of the world, and its satellites."[3]
    • According to Mavis, "He's rich, I mean mag rich, gorgeous as a god, and that body ... I got eyes. I use 'em. I've got a pretty good idea of what he looks like naked. ... Then there's that power trip. He's got all that power, sort of shoots out from him."[4]
  • In Naked in Death, Roarke acknowledged that he documented his illicit income.[5]
    • "He may have been legal now, but that didn't mean he felt the need to make public what was in all his pockets."[6]
  • Roarke said the holdings of businesses/companies don't become interesting to him unless they're eight to ten million dollars; not unless he's looking to acquire small, individual properties or businesses.[7]
    • Roarke's interests are varied - see the sub-categories below.
  • In Salvation, Roarke said he did not own a house in Ireland because he had promised himself he'd only go back when he had everything; power, money, and a certain respectability. He said owning a house there would be a commitment; having a house creates a solid and tangible link. And that he's not ready.[8]
    • For Roarke, "Success, positions, wealth, power, security ... all that's essential."[9]
  • Roarke's private island was a favored spot, but it was practically on the other side of the world.[10]

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