Reo, Cher – Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (APA) for the city of New York

First appears in Origin in Death (November 2059).

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: She was pretty and blond, with perky blue eyes and a faint Southern drawl.[1]
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Occupation: APA (Assistant Prosecuting Attorney)


  • She had a sunny sweep of silky hair, baby-doll blue eyes, and curvy pink lips.[2]
  • She had a little Southern in her voice, like a dusting of sugar.[3]
  • Soft-voiced and tough minded.[4]
  • A pretty blonde with the Southern drawl and raptor claws in court.[5] A pretty blonde.[6]
  • Reo was a curvy little blonde with a hint of Southern in her voice. She looked and sounded like a lightweight.[7]
  • Reo has shorter legs than Eve Dallas.[8]


  • She is hungry and ambitious;[2] smart, savvy, and ambitious, a small blonde dynamo.[9]
  • Known to be a 'piranha'.[2]
  • She can be flirtatious.[10]
  • She used her looks to expertly disarm, then skewer, defense attorneys, defendants, and opposing witnesses.[7]
  • She's tough as titanium.[1]

On the JobEdit

  • Reo is a new APA during the events of Origin in Death (November 2059).[11]
  • She has a "cell-like" office.[2]
    • Lieutenant Eve Dallas speculates that an APA "didn't fare much better than cops when it came to work environment."[2]
  • Dallas prefers working with Cher Reo.[12]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She drinks coffee.[2]
  • She likes chocolate enough to break a diet for triple-fudge brownies.[3]
  • She wears skids on her feet when she's in her office, although she keeps pumps "in the corner" (that match her "lady suit") so she can change to go out.[3][13]
  • The first time Reo ever sees a dead body is in Origin in Death. She faints.[13]
    • When she wakes up, her "eyes were still a little glassy" but she gets right back to work.[13]
    • Her faint appears in Nadine Furst's book The Icove Agenda and in the later vid, much to Reo's annoyance and mortification.[11] Dallas tells her "you made up for it. You stuck your neck out, you got things done.”[11]
  • In late 2060 to early 2061, she dated "a teacher, part of an organization called Literacy Warriors." Unfortunately for Reo, the relationship became "semi-serious" just before he was posted to Sierra Leone (West Africa) for 16 months.[14]

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