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Descriptions Edit

  • A seasoned cop who's got some miles on him.[2]
  • Slick, smooth, and cagey; good-looking with an edge.[3]
  • Tall and slick in one of his stylish suits.[4]
  • As was his habit, Baxter wore a very slick suit but there was no smart-ass on his handsome face this morning.[5]
  • Baxter might like to joke, and bitch about damage to his slick wardrobe [from going into the Underground], but he was a solid cop.[6]
  • "a solid detective despite looking like a model for an upscale men’s fashion designer".[7]

Personality Edit

  • A flirt and a smartass who enjoys 'razzing' his fellow officers.
  • He has "a fondness for a well-cut suit and a well-endowed female."[8]
    • He flirted with Graciela Ortiz but, to Dallas's thinking, Baxter would flirt with a hologram of a woman. He said, "You've got to love a woman in uniform."[9]
    • He said he made half a play for (flirted and hit on) Amaryllis Coltraine a few months ago (prior to Spring 2060). Dallas said he made a play for anything female.[10]
  • Plays pretty well with others.[11]
  • Baxter was a solid cop — smart, smart-mouthed, competitive.[12]

History Edit

  • Baxter's grandfather was regular army during the Urban Wars.[13]
  • Baxter worked out of the same squad as Jonah MacMasters when he was a rookie; MacMasters was a detective on his way to lieutenant.[14]
  • Transferred to Homicide from AntiCrime because he "got restless".[15]
  • He becomes Trueheart's trainer in in July 2059 (Purity in Death).
    • Dallas puts them together because she thinks they will complement each other.[12]
    • By July 2060 (Indulgence in Death), Baxter has been "opened" up by working with Trueheart, and the two "were much more partners than trainer and aide".[12]
    • The two have contrasting looks and dynamics, but work well together as a team.[7]

Nicknames Edit

  • Horny Dog[16] or Horndog[17]
  • Detective Pig-Eater because he thoroughly enjoys the "primo pig" (bacon and ham) at Eve's house[18]

Epithets Edit

  • "Sizzling Jesus" [19]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Baxter won the baby pool after Detective Zeno and his wife's baby girl was born (six hundred and thirty dollars); he planned to buy a new auto-entertainment system for his vehicle.[20]
  • He snores.[21]
  • Baxter drinks his coffee with cream and sugar (two sugars and a splash of cream)[22] and likes chocolate-iced, cream-filled doughnuts.[23]
  • Baxter drives a snazzy two-seater.[24]
  • He has a sister in Toledo, Ohio.[25]

References Edit

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