Dochas (Gaelic for 'Hope') – An abuse shelter offering a safe place for abused women and children.


  • Established in 2059 by Roarke


  • From the outside, it appears to be a "well-maintained, modest, multiresident building"[1]
  • It includes first-rate security: privacy screens on all the windows, full-scan cams, motion pads at every access, alarms, palm plate identification for entrance, keypad code and/or clearance from inside, and 24 hour security.[1][2]
    • In Survivor in Death, Dochas was put under Code Red status when Roarke had some concern for the safety of those at the shelter.[3]



  • In Concealed in Death, Roarke tells Eve that he is planning to rehab an old building into an adjunct for Dochas. The new facility will take in children “who get sucked into the system through no fault of their own, but are mistreated or neglected by those who should tend to them” (as Eve was) and “the lost, you could say—who end up on the street trying to find a way just to survive” (as he did).
    • Eve suggests he call it Refuge, but "in Irish": An Didean.


  • The correct spelling is Dochas[4] but it has been incorrectly spelled Duchas in two books.[5]


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