First Appearance: Naked in Death Mira is the resident psychologist and profiler for the NYPSD; Eve comments in Naked that she could have opened a much more profitable private practice, but Charlotte wanted to work with the police.

Charlotte tells Eve that she was raped as a child by her stepfather, when she was twelve, and the rapes went on for several years before she finally admitted it. Her mother divorced her stepfather and remarried Charlotte's birth father, and her parents are happy to this day. Charlotte has several children with her husband, Dennis Mira, and has grandchildren as well. Eve loves Charlotte very much but has not admitted it to her face; nevertheless, Charlotte knows.

Charlotte thinks of Eve as a daughter, and throughout the series has gotten Eve to open up to her more and more.Charlotte knows all about Eve's life: her rapes as a child, her killing of her father in self-defense, her subsequent foster care, subsequent time spent in juvenile detention, her reasons for being a police officer, and her life with Roarke. Charlotte is also one of the few that knows that Homeland Security had a hand in covering up Eve's father's death.

Charlotte and Eve experienced some conflict of interest in Origin in Death, since Charlotte was friends with the true villain of the book and deeply disturbed by the man's experiments with human lives.