Bowers, Ellen – Officer, 'Homicide-Lite', NYPSD (House: 162)

Appears in Conspiracy in Death; (January 2059)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: Commander Whitney describes her as a 'problem child'. She has a sloppy appearance with button missing on jacket and scuffed shoes.
  • DOB: c. 2024
  • Age: 35
  • Hair: Dark
  • Eyes: Pale, pale blue
  • Relationships: Her parents live in Queens; three siblings (two brothers, one sister)
  • Occupation: Officer NYPSD – House: 162

Description Edit

  • Skin the color of aged cherry wood and described as having 'mean eyes'.

Personality Edit

  • She believes others have moved up the ladder while she hasn't because others have exchanged promotion for sexual favors; she has believed this of Eve Dallas since the Academy.
  • Eve speculates that Bowers has "had trouble finding her niche or the department's been shuffling her."[2] Eve also states that Bowers does not belong in uniform and that she's 'dangerous'.
  • Peabody speculates that Bowers is the type to come at someone from behind.

History Edit

  • Graduated from the academy in 2046
  • Has been assigned to the One-six-two for the last two years; spent two years at the Four-seven; assigned to Traffic; assigned at Cop Central in Records; assigned at the Two-eight (Park Patrol) [3]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • She's single with no kids
  • She's been on the force for twelve years
  • She has a reputation for filing frivolous complaints and filed a complaint against Dallas after their initial encounter. The Bowers complaint claimed that abusive and inappropriate language was used; that on-scene work was sloppy and careless; that her trainee was misused; and that she was threatened with bodily harm.
    • Bowers filed a second complaint stating that Eve Dallas called her at home and threatened her.
  • She kept a diary and discs filled with accusations and comments, many involving Dallas and her promotions and commendations.

References Edit

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