Five Moons – The dive might have seen better days, but Eve doubted it. It was strictly a drinking establishment; no dancers, no screens, no video booths. The clientele who patronized the Five Moons weren't there to socialize. Even early in the day, the small, square room was well-populated. Silent drinkers stood at stingy pedestals knocking back their poison of choice. Others huddled by the bar, closer to the bottles.[1]

The bartender was a droid, most likely an arm breaker as it had a wrestler's body. The manufacturers had given him the tilted eye, golden-skinned appearance of a mixed race. His voice had a ping to it, a slight echo that indicated overdue maintenance problems; he is a twenty-four/seven (he operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week).[2]

To get cooperation from the droid bartender on Cicely Towers' visit to the Five Moons, Eve threatened to call in the Sensor Bugs.[3]

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