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A Ghrá
Pronounced - ah HRAW
Meaning - My Love
First Appears in Rapture in Death
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Pronounced - ANG-uhl
Meaning - Angel
First Appears in Portrait in Death
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An Didean
Pronounced - An DEE-dahn (An JEE-jahn in some parts of Ireland)
Meaning - The Sancuary
First Appears in Concealed in Death
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Pronounced - Koh-ar
Meaning - Mutual assistance or teamwork
First Appears in Indulgence in Death, pg. 5, when Roarke and Eve are driving through Ireland.
Conas tá; tú?
Pronounced - Koh-nas tAH too
Meaning - How are you
First Appears in Portrait in Death, pg. 102, when Roarke first meets Moira O'Bannion
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Dia dhuit (Dia duit - GEEah ditch in some areas of Ireland)
Pronounced - GEEah gwich or DEEah huit
Meaning - Hello (literally: God to you)
First Appears in Portrait in Death, pg. 102, when Roarke first meets Moira O'Bannion
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Pronounced - DOH-khass
Meaning - Hope
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Pronounced - FWAL-cha
Meaning - Welcome
First Appears in Creation in Death, pg. 63. as a company owned by Roarke that manufactures bed linens (Fáilte)
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Fáilte abhaile
Pronounced - FWAL-cha a-WAL-ya
Meaning - Welcome home
First Appears in Indulgence in Death, pg. 6. Roarke's Aunt Sinead says it to Roarke and Eve when they arrive at the Lannigan's house in Ireland.
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Feisigh do thoin fein!
Pronounced - FESH-ee duh hohn hayn
Loosely translated (by Roarke) - Fuck yourself in your own Ass!
First appears in Survivor in Death pg. 273
Pronounced - GARduh
Meaning - Police
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Is mise mo chiall.
Pronounced - iss MEEsha mo KEY-all
Meaning - You’re my madness (according to Roarke).
First Appears in Golden in Death
YANNI - This may not be the correct wording of this phrase. "Is mise" is actually "I am" not "You are." "Mo chiall" literally means "My sense" but could mean "my madness" in some situations. So, "Is mise mo chiall" translated literally means "I am my sense." This does not mean, though, that "is mise mo chiall" isn't a correct slang phrase somewhere in Ireland.
Pronounced - LUHM-suh
Meaning - Mine
First Appears in Rapture in Death
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Maith, go raibh maith agat
Pronounced - mah, go rov mah agat
Meaning - Good, thank you
First Appears in Portrait in Death, pg. 102, when Roarke first meets Moira O'Bannion
Audio - go raibh maith agat pronunciation from (NOTE: first "Maith" in that sentance is pronounced the same as the "maith" in "go raibh maith agat"
Pronounced - SLAWN-cha
Meaning - Health (used as a toast when drinking)
First Appears in Immortal in Death
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Tá bron orm
Pronounced - thaw brone or-um
Meaning - I'm Sorry
First Appears in Memory in Death pg. 57
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Tá cion agam ort
Pronounced - thaw kiuhn ag-gum ort
Meaning - I Love You (literally: I have affection for you)
First Appears in Born in Death
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