Immortality (Illegal drug) – Made from the Immortal Blossom. Crack mentions that he's heard of something new on the street. High powered, good long buzz, tough on the credit balance. However, it's slow-acting poison that may be taken for about five years before it overloads the nervous system.[1]

The process: Immortal Blossoms are grown on the Eden Colony. Someone with a horticulturalist license may order the Immortal Blossom and have it shipped to Lilligas, a florist on Vegas II with a reputation for dealing in contraband flora. From there, it is likely that it would be shipped to a lab (Starlight Station) where the nectar could be distilled.[2]

When the formula for Immortality was examined, it was determined that it was unknown. It was some sort of analgesic (but not entirely) with hallucinogenic properties. It is an organic stimulant, a standard chemical hallucinogenic, both fairly low and nearly legal amounts with an addition of a small amount of Zeus. It includes mint (to make it more palatable), Brinock, and an unknown substance (the derivative from the nectar of the Immortal Blossom).[3]

The computer indicates it is a probable cell regenerator and, in all likelihood, will cause feelings of euphoria, paranoia, sexual appetite, and delusions of physical and mental powers. A dosage of fifty-five milligrams into an average human of one hundred and thirty pounds will last four to six hours. A dosage of more than one hundred milligrams will cause death in eighty-seven point three percent of users. Substance similar to THR-50, AKA Zeus, with addition of stimulant to enhance sexual ability and cell regeneration.[4] Daily use for a period of five years will, in ninety-six point eight percent, result in complete and sudden shutdown of the nervous system. And death.[5]

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