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In Death FAQs[]

In Death FAQ - All Frequently Asked Questions are here

Nora Quotes
Nora Quotes about Eve
Nora Quotes about Roarke
Nora Quotes on Eve and Roarke as a couple - Including her thoughts on Eve and Roarke having a baby
Nora Quotes on Other Characters
Nora Quotes on the In Death World
J.D. Robb Main Website
Nora Roberts Main Website

About the Books[]

List of the Books in order of release
Audio Books
Series Chronology
In Death Glossary
In Death Abbreviations
Blue Lady Covers
New York Landmark Covers
Neon Covers
List of All Book Covers on File
YANNI - Yet Another Nonsensical Nora Inconsistency
What is the Big Jack Book?

The In Death World[]

Quotes from Nora on the In Death World
General Map of New York in the In Death World
History as it relates to the In Death World
Injuries in Death
Gifts - A listing of the gifts Roarke has given Eve and vice versa. Also included - a list of gifts to and from the other characters in the series

Eve Dallas[]

Eve Dallas Bio
Eve's History
Eve's "Laws"
Eve's Mixed Metaphors
Eve's Illegal Activities
Eve's Fashion
Eve's Relationship with Roarke
Eve's Creative Threats
Eve and Summerset_Insults
Nightmares in Death - A list of Eve's Nightmares
The Candy Thief


Roarke Bio
Roarke's Criminal History
Roarke's Education and Skills
Roarke's History
Roarke's Relationship with Eve
Roarke Owned
Businesses owned by Roarke
Products made by Roarke Industries
Property owned by Roarke
Roarke's "Toys"
The Button
Gaelic In Death - A dictionary of the Gaelic words and phrases Roarke has used in the books


List of All Characters
Main Characters - Eve Dallas & Roarke
Secondary Characters
PeabodyMavisSummersetFeeneyMcNabDr. MiraGalahad
Recurring Characters
Charles MonroeMorrisLeonardoCrackCaroTrinaWebsterLouise Dimatto
Minor Characters - Characters with speaking parts but only seen in one or two books
Peripheral Characters - Characters with no speaking part
Police OfficersLaw
MurderersMurder Victims
CriminalsRoarke's Employees

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AJRyan6of7 AJRyan6of7 27 March 2019


I am apparently really bad at keeping up on my blog posts here, so, I am going to resolve to be a bit better at that.

In this blog post I am going to ask the "In Death" community for some help.


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AJRyan6of7 AJRyan6of7 15 September 2018

Thanks for your participation

Hey, Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who have been contributing to this fandom by editing the info here. The more of you who contribute, the better this fandom will be! I …

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AJRyan6of7 AJRyan6of7 27 May 2017

A New Sheriff in Town

Hello, Everyone!

I'm AJ, and as of May 26, 2017, I've officially adopted the "In Death Wiki." 

For those of you who don't know me, I created and run , a fan site for the "In Death" series. …

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In Death Book List

In Death Book List
Naked in Death | Glory in Death | Immortal in Death | Rapture in Death | Ceremony in Death | Vengeance in Death | Holiday in Death | Midnight in Death | Conspiracy in Death | Loyalty in Death | Witness in Death | Judgment in Death | Betrayal in Death | Interlude in Death | Seduction in Death | Reunion in Death | Purity in Death | Portrait in Death | Imitation in Death | Remember When | Divided in Death | Visions in Death | Survivor in Death | Origin in Death | Memory in Death | Haunted in Death | Born in Death | Innocent in Death | Eternity in Death | Creation in Death | Strangers in Death | Salvation in Death | Ritual in Death | Promises in Death | Kindred in Death | Missing in Death | Fantasy in Death | Indulgence in Death | Possession in Death | Treachery in Death | New York to Dallas | Chaos in Death | Celebrity in Death | Delusion in Death | Calculated in Death | Thankless in Death | Taken in Death | Concealed in Death | Festive in Death | Obsession in Death | Devoted in Death | Wonderment in Death | Brotherhood in Death | Apprentice in Death | Echoes in Death | Secrets in Death | Dark in Death | Leverage in Death | Connections in Death | Vendetta in Death |
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