Bennigan, Jimmy

Appears in Portrait in Death; (August 8-15th, 2059)[1]

Criminal HistoryEdit

  • He used to run with Patrick Roarke and Donal Grogin but, according to Brian Kelly, he died in a cage sometime back.[2]
  • Patrick called Grogin and told him to steal a car and come to his place. When he got there, Siobahn Brody was already dead and "it was a bloody mess." Patrick had also called Jimmy to come, as well.[3]
    • They rolled her body in a rug, carried her to the car, and drove to the river. They weighed the body down with stones and dumped her in the river. They went back to Patrick's place, cleaned things up, and put out the word that Siobahn had run off. If anyone spoke of it, they'd pay. The cops Patrick bribed went along with the story.[4]

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