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Introduction Edit

Leonardo first appears in Immortal in Death as the designer of Eve's wedding dress. He married Mavis in Born in Death shortly before she delivers their daughter, Bella Eve. They currently live together in Eve's old apartment.

Descriptions Edit

  • In Immortal in Death he is described as appearing to have a Native American heritage, a wide face, razor cheekbones, fingers the size of soydogs, ham-sized hands, and copper skin-tone.[1]
    • He is an enormous man, built like a maxibus with huge rippling biceps, and unexpected grace. He had tight, shoulder-length curls and his laugh was booming.[2] His voice has a hint of magnolia (possibly Southern).[3]
  • In Conspiracy in Death he is described as having the spirit of a seven-year-old boy on the first day of school.
  • In Judgment in Death, Leonardo is described as a giant man with long glossy braids, gold eyes, and the smooth copper skin of a mixed-race heritage ... he moved with uncanny grace for a man topping six-five.[4]
  • He has a caramel-colored face, soft, curling hair and gold eyes.[5]
  • He was big, copper-skinned and currently sported a style of sausage twists of hair.[6]

Personality Edit

  • Mavis said he is incredibly creative and understands the inner soul.[7]
  • Dr. Mira describes him as the type to avoid violence by running away from it. However, he is a creative genius with clothing and fashion, a man who "understood women."[8]
    • He was a man who adored women and understood their wrath. In other words, he feared them.[9] Eve said she liked him, "even if he is a pussy."[10]
  • Mavis said that you couldn't really fight with Leonardo; he's too sweet.[11]
  • Leonardo blushes.[12]

History Edit

  • He's first introduced as an up-and-coming designer with a 3rd floor loft workshop in a Soho neighborhood. Leonardo is invited by Mavis to design Eve's wedding dress in Immortal in Death.[13]
    • It seemed Leonardo believed in advertising in a big way.[14]
  • Mavis and Leonardo had been sleeping together for about two weeks in Immortal in Death (June, 2058); which means they would have been together since late May, 2058.[15]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Leonardo rarely drinks because he's prone to blackouts and blank spaces.[16]
  • Mavis and Leonardo knew Morris and Amaryllis Coltraine slightly. They ran into each other at a club one night and sat down together.[17]
  • Mavis calls him 'honey-pot'[18] 'honey bear'[19] and 'huggie bear'.[20]

Leonardo's Outfits/Appearance Edit

Immortal in DeathEdit

  • He wore "a sleeveless robe in the eye-searing colors of a Martian sunset. He had a small, glinting stone winking beside his flashing grin and eyes like gold coins."[21]

Rapture in DeathEdit

  • " ... a giant in a magenta skin suit overbloused with emerald gauze."[22]

Vengeance in DeathEdit

  • " ... ankle skimming robe the color of good bordeaux."[23]

Judgment in DeathEdit

  • "... wearing a hooded ankle duster of Atlantic blue. He beamed at Mavis, and the ruby studs beside his mouth and just under his left eyebrow winked flirtatiously."[24]

Reunion in DeathEdit

  • "He was bare-chested but for a red satin X across his pecs that seemed to be holding up the fluid, shimmering pants that flowed from his waist to the toes of his red, crisscrossing sandals. Ruby studs forming a chevron at the corner of his left eye winked as he grinned and passed Mavis her glass."[25]

Portrait in DeathEdit

  • "He was draped in white, long, loose pants, long, loose shirt that flowed around his impressive body and gleamed against the gold-dust tone of his skin. He had a single pigtail draped down one side of his face, and like Mavis, had it tipped in pink and blue, and belled."[26]

Divided in DeathEdit

  • "... his casual cookout-wear of shimmery white pants and a bright yellow shirt tht crossed over his impressive chest in a skin-tight X."[27]

Visions in DeathEdit

  • His eyes "were currently accented with a sweeping line of silver studs at each corner. He wore boots as well, pale blue that rode up his calves. There his loose sapphire pants sort of poofed into them, reminding Eve of pictures she'd seen of - she thought - Arabia."[28]

Memory in DeathEdit

  • "... the giant of a man in silver and red at her side."[29]

Born in DeathEdit

  • "He'd gone with a sweater as well, a crazed and intricate geometric pattern of colors against gold."[30]

Innocent in DeathEdit

  • "His at-home wear was a pair of brilliantly blue pants with legs as wide as Utah and a silky sweater in snow-blind white."[31]

Fantasy in DeathEdit

  • "... long, smoked silver coat ... That same silver wound here and there through the rich copper curls that fell around his wide, fascinating face."[32]

Possession in DeathEdit

  • "... glided away in his calf-baring red crops."[33]

Leonardo's Designs/Creations Edit

Immortal in DeathEdit

Kindred in DeathEdit

  • Louise and Leonardo got together to decide on Eve's yellow maid-of-honor dress.[34]

References Edit

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