Grant, Maxie

Appears in Memory in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Mossy green
  • Occupation: A lawyer with her own firm in New L.A.[1]


  • Was fostered by Trudy Lombard for nine months when she was eight years old and she found herself in the system. Her father had beaten her mother to death and wound up in prison.[2]
  • She is quite happy to hear of Trudy’s death as she was made to scrub floors with a toothbrush, got locked in her room at night (often in the dark), was made to bathe in cold water, and told her that her mother probably deserved what she got and that Maxie would end up the same way.[3]
  • Maxie started stealing, wound up in trouble and in juvie and, by the time she was ten, she was dealing illegals; she was in and out of cages until she was fifteen and got cut up. A priest turned her life around.[4]
  • It’s been four years since she’s seen Trudy – Trudy blackmailed Maxie, using the files on her past, and extorted (over two years) a quarter million dollars.[5]

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