First Appearance: Naked in Death

Channel 75 news reporter, on the crime beat. She is the intended victim of the murders in Glory in Death, but Eve is the one who stops the murders. Nadine is an extremely ambitious reporter, but an ethical one; she will always protect her source (in these books, the source is Eve) and follows her cases thoroughly. Eve sums up Nadine's core in this way: "Nadine likes to get her teeth in red meat as much as any reporter. She’s just better at seeing the real story — not just the jazz that pulls ratings. That’s why, I think, she pulls them. She digs for the truth, not just the juice."[1]

The transactions between Nadine and Eve are usually the same: when Eve is in the early stages of investigating a case, Nadine will call her repeatedly, asking for information. Eve usually responds (or calls back) on the third or fourth call and gives Nadine a few key pieces of information. From there, Eve expects Nadine to do some more digging (which she does more quickly and effectively than the police), return the facts to Eve, and ultimately be rewarded with an exclusive interview when the case breaks.

When Eve's badge is taken away from her in Conspiracy in Death, Nadine rallies to the cause with a bombardment of news clips and stories, playing on the news, about the heroic cop's badge unjustly taken away.

She and Eve are good friends, and the only reporter Eve truly trusts to properly deliver select media information. In fact, Nadine was at Eve's bachelorette party.

Nadine actually acquires her own show in Memory in Death as a direct result of the story Eve fed her in Origin in Death, which being a case about human cloning, garnered Nadine immense publicity worldwide. Eve makes an appearance on the show (with Roarke watching from off-camera) in Innocent in Death, interviewing with Nadine about the Icove case. Peabody has also appeared on Now!.

In Apprentice in Death, Nadine meets rockstar Jake Kincade, and they become a couple.

Descriptions Edit

  • Eve often observes throughout the series that Nadine wears high heels, which Nadine says she wears to make her legs look good.
  • Nadine often bribes her way into Eve's office with large amounts of sweets, such as fudge, doughnuts and chocolate brownies.
  • Nadine calls herself "pretty damn smart" and Eve concurs.[2]

History Edit

  • In 2051[3] (during the original killings that were continued in Creation in Death) Nadine says she "was fighting my way out of a second-rate network affiliate in South Philly", but that her reporting work on those murders enabled her to get a non-Philadelphia job.[2]
  • When she started working at channel 75 in New York City (around 2053[4]), Nadine did on-air pieces but they were "mostly fluff stories, social gigs, celebrity profiles."[5]
  • By February 2058 and the events of Naked in Death, Nadine is a crime reporter for 75.
  • Nadine begins her own crime show , called Now!, in December 2059 during Memory in Death.
  • In early 2061 (Apprentice in Death), Nadine moves into a fancy new building, with more space and increased security. Eve compliments her on the "swank digs".[6]

As AuthorEdit

  • Nadine writes a book, called The Icove Agenda, about the events of the case. She is anxious that it be completely accurate, and gets Dallas's input on details.
    • The book becomes a best-seller.
    • A "vid" (movie), also called The Icove Agenda, is later made.
      • Nadine teasingly asks Eve (but half-seriously) if they can film some of the interviews at Eve's house, to which she answers emphatically no.
      • During vid production, a series of murders is uncovered (Celebrity in Death).
      • The Icove Agenda is nominated for seven Academy Awards: best actress, best supporting actor, best director, best adapted screenplay, best editing, best sound, and best picture. (Echoes in Death, February 2061)[7]
      • The vid of The Icove Agenda wins five Academy Awards: to Nadine Furst for "Best Adapted Screenplay", and also "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", "Best Actress", and "Best Picture"[8]
  • Nadine mumbles about turning the events of Celebrity in Death into a book. It could be called Joel Steinburger: Producer in Death.
  • In late 2060 (during Concealed in Death), Nadine tells Dallas that she’s ready to write a new book. Her working title is Ride the Red Horse, about the case from Delusion in Death.[9]

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