Nordick Clinic for Health – Located in Chicago, Illinois – Nordick, along with the Drake Center in New York, has devoted nearly twenty years to research on developing organs that can be mass-produced to replace and out-perform human tissue.[1]

Artificial organs – the process initially discovered by Friend and his team and redefined over the years – were cheap, efficient, and dependable. The transplant of human organs was not. The building of organs from the patient's own tissues was more advantageous, as there was no risk of rejection, but was costly in time and money. With current medical knowledge, human donors were few and far between. For the most part, healthy organs were harvested – donated or brokered – from accident victims who could not be repaired.[2]

Dr. Westley Friend was chief of research;[3] Senator Brian Waylan has a son who is a doctor at the Nordick Clinic.[4]

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