Podcast in Death[edit | edit source]

We have a new podcast dedicated to the "In Death" book series! Whether you have read these books dozens of times before, or just reading the first book, this podcast is for you.

Your podcast hosts, AJ, Jen and Tara are “In Death Fandom Veterans” who have read, discussed, and even wrote fan fiction for this series for many years! We wanted to create a podcast that would be for fans by fans. Our goal is to fuel the fandom, but also to create new fans along the way.

We will start with the very first book, “Naked in Death,” and we will read all of the books in order, one every two weeks. If you are new to this series, read along with us and discover a new book series that you will love! If you are a veteran like AJ, Jen and Tara, read along with us and re-discover all of the things you already love about this series.

LISTEN[edit | edit source]

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