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  • Eve is Born - Eve is born to parents Richard Troy and Stella (No last name given as of 1/2020).


  • 8-year-old Eve is found in an alley in Dallas, Texas - She's bloody with a broken arm and does not know who she is or how she got there. A social worker names her Eve Dallas and puts her into the foster care system. Likely May of 2036 (see Eve Dallas for more details).


  • 18-year-old Eve arrives in New York to train to become an officer in the NYPSD


  • Eve becomes an officer in the NYPSD
  • Has her first run in with Issac McQueen (New York to Dallas). She fights with him and finds his girls locked up in the room. Lt. Ryan Feeney meets her during the arrest of McQueen and decides to have her transferred to Homicide



  • Eve makes Detective, Second Grade - Has her first run-in with The Groom[3]


February, 2058[]

February 13, 2058[]

February 14, 2058[]

February 15, 2058[]

February 16, 2058[]

February 17, 2058[]

February 18, 2058[]

February 19, 2058[]

May, 2058[17][]

May 4, 2058[]

May 6, 2058[]

  • When Eve and Roarke have first major fight after he gives her the Giant's Tear.[20]

May 12 , 2058[]

  • May 12, when Eve and Roarke make up. This is also the first time Eve tells Roarke she loves him.[21]

May 31, 2058[]

June, 2058[]

June 2, 2058[]

June 3, 2058[]

  • It was probably (see Note below) June 3, 2058 when Roarke said to Eve, "I want you to marry me." When Eve asked him 'what', he said again, "I want you to marry me."[24]

June 27, 2058 – Saturday[]

June 29, 2058 – Monday[]

  • Roarke tells Eve about torturing and murdering the men who raped, tortured, and murdered Marlena.[26]

June 30, 2058 – Tuesday[]

July, 2058[]

July 1, 2058 – Wednesday[]

July 11, 2058 – Saturday[]

  • Eve and Roarke's wedding day (based on the timeline and dates given in Immortal in Death).[30][31]

August, 2058[]

October, 2058[]

November, 2058[]

December, 2058[]





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