Stay-Up (Legal drug) – Stay-Up is a top-selling erection enhancer.[1] References to Stay-Up as an erection enhancer/sex aid include Betrayal in Death[2] and Innocent in Death.[3] Eve Dallas also recommended Stay-Up to Liam Calhoun as, according the her expert's profile of him, she thought he might be a little lacking in that arena (sexually; possibly impotent).[4]

    • Though most mentions of Stay-Up include its use as a sexual aid, Eve took Stay-Up in Visions in Death: "And, though she hated them and the jumpy they made her feel, she popped a Stay-Up, shoved a couple more in her pocket for later."[5] (In this instance, Stay-Up seems to be a stimulant; likely similar to Alert-All and/or Wake-Up.)

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