There is a candy thief who takes candy from Eve's office at Cop Central. Eve keeps trying to figure out who is taking her candy that she hides. (All page numbers given in paperback unless otherwise stated.)

The J.D. Robb FAQ states that "Nora knows the identity of the Candy Thief, but she’s not sure when that person will be unmasked in the books."[1]

She reached down, favoring her injured arm and chose a Galaxy bar that hadn't been flattened by the wrestling match. "I'm going home."

–Naked in Death, p. 67

She dragged open a drawer, pawing through and ignoring the vague headache behind her eyes. "Where the goddamn hell is my candy bar?"

"I didn't take it." Feeney jostled his bag of nuts. "McNab was in here. He's a known candy thief."

–Holiday in Death, p. 153

But she wasn't when she walked into her office and found McNab rifling through her desk.

"I don't keep my candy stash there anymore, ace." . . .

–Holiday in Death, p. 217

"Somebody's been stealing my candy again," she complained. . .

–Conspiracy in Death, p. 89

The door was open, and the sounds of riffling came clearly into the hall. Eve pressed her back to the wall, danced her fingers over her weapon. The sneaking candy thief's ass was hers at last. "Gotcha!"

–Witness in Death, p. 97

She'd missed dinner and wasn't pleased to discover the candy thief who'd targeted her as patsy had found her newest stash ... She had to settle for an apple someone had foolishly left in the squad's friggie.

–Judgment in Death, p. 91

"They stole my candy again. I taped it on the back of my AutoChef. Two bars of the real stuff, not this chemi-mix crapola. They tagged it. I'm going to catch them sooner or later and peel the skin off their face. Slowly."

–Betrayal in Death, p. 226

"Hey, there's a candy bar taped to the back of the passenger's seat."

"It's an emergency supply, which the sneaking candy thief who keeps raiding my office hasn't found yet."

–Seduction in Death, p. 271

Eve: With a little yelp of distress, she leaped to the file cabinet, yanked open a drawer. "Goddamn sneaking candy thief found my cache."

Peabody: "You had candy in a file cabinet. Under M?"

Eve: "M for mine, damn it."

–Reunion in Death, p. 8

She climbed on to her desk, stretched up and worked one of the ceiling tiles out of its slot. Playing her fingers over the back of its neighbor, she reached her goal, and laughed softly, almost evilly as she pulled down the candy.

"I have beaten you, Candy Thief. You sneaking bastard."

–Portrait in Death, p. 96

Eve went straight into her own office. She locked the door, then climbed onto her desk to reach the ceiling panel, behind which she was currently secreting her personal stash of candy. She needed a hit. Genuine chocolate, real coffee. All would be right with the world during the ten minutes she took for this personal, and well deserved indulgence. But instead of her cache of candy, there was a single, empty wrapper.

–Divided in Death, p. 144

After that Detective Peabody walked into Eve's office and caught her trying to get forensics off of the candy wrapper and ceiling tile.

The thought of cookies made her hungry. With a glance at the door, she reached behind the AutoChef, under the slight lip, and tugged off the candy bar she'd tapped there.

It was an obvious hiding place in her mind, but it had foiled the insidious candy thief who plagued her.

–Visions in Death, p. 101

Eve: "You help yourself to anything else while you were there? Such as candy?"

Feeney: "What candy? You got candy in there? What kind?"

Eve: "That's for me to know, and you to keep your hands off. I'll get back to you."

–Survivor in Death, p. 49

Personal items? Well, there was her current candy stashed where it had - to date - gone undetected by the nefarious candy thief who plagued her.

–Origin in Death, p. 27

Rising, she went to her window, shoved it up. Cold and wet spilled in as she leaned out and tore free the evidence bag she'd fixed to the outside wall. In it were four unopened candy bars.

–Memory in Death, p. 38

Feeney: "Got a couple of doughnuts in here. Logged 'em in as pee soup so the boys don't get wise."

Eve: "Smart." She thought of her travails with the candy thief who continually unearthed her office stash. She might give Feeney's method a shot.

–Memory in Death, p. 291

She opened the back of her computer, reached in to where she’d taped a candy bar to the inside of the case.

And it was gone.

“This is fucked up.” She could see a trace of the tape where it had stuck when the candy had been yanked out. The insidious candy thief had struck again.

–Innocent in Death, p. 135

Eve grabbed her coat and considered the crullers. If she left them there [her office], out in the open, even the box would be devoured when she got back. She could hide it, but the vultures would sniff it out, which could lead them to the candy she'd stashed where - so far - the Candy Thief hadn't discovered it.

–Strangers in Death, p. 149

When Roarke asked where Eve's candy was, and told her to give it over, Eve unscrewed the facing on her recycler and removed three chocolate bars sealed in an evidence bag.

–Fantasy in Death, p. 58

She took a tool from her desk and hunkered down beside her recycler. But when she removed the panel, no sealed evidence bag of chocolate waited for her.

"Damn it! This blows. This seriously blows."

Sulking, mourning the loss, she stared at what she'd considered a brilliant hiding place. Her mistake, she admitted, had been leaving her stash in place while she'd gone on vacation.

She'd given the despicable Candy Thief too much time and opportunity to search and consume.

–Treachery in Death, p. 330

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