Trueheart has a kind of 'Officer Friendly' way about him. - Eve Dallas, Survivor in Death[1]

Introduction Edit

Introduced in Conspiracy in Death, working Homicide-Lite with Ellen Bowers.

Descriptions Edit

  • Described as very young, with guileless eyes; All-American looking with long legs; about as grim as a cocker spaniel puppy
  • Caucasian with pale skin
  • "Very cute"
  • An All-American boy, cute as a button in his summer blues.[2]
  • Young and studly[3] with a young hero face.[4] He is sweet and hunky.[5]
  • Trueheart hadn’t shaken off all the green, but he was dependable as sunrise.[6]
  • Lieutenant Dallas describes Trueheart like this, when he receives promotion to detective: “He’s smart, and he’s observant, and has a way of working through a problem thoughtfully. His looks don’t hurt. He looks handsome and homespun, and some people mistake that for him being a soft touch, easy to dupe. He’s not. And he’s got a shiny code of honor”.[7]

Personality Edit

  • Earnest
  • He raises his hand like he's in class.[8]
  • Trueheart, according to Baxter, is a sweet kid.[9]
    • Eager beaver; young but steady, with a good eye.[10]
    • A sweet-natured, happy-to-help kind of guy.[11]
  • Shy[12]
  • He blushes.[13][14]
    • According to Roarke, he almost glows in the dark when he blushes.[15]
  • Baxter said his boy, Trueheart, is a real gentleman.[16]

History Edit

  • Mother is Pauline Trueheart, single parent, tall and slim.
  • Trueheart's father abandoned his family when Troy was a child.[17]
  • Trueheart wanted to be a police officer since he was a child.[7]

On the Job Edit

  • In January 2059, Trueheart states he has been out of the academy for three months,[18] placing his graduation as October or November of 2058 (if the Academy runs a two-year program – Conspiracy in Death). Trueheart would have joined at about age 20/21 as he is 22 years old in Witness in Death (late March 2059).[19]
  • In Witness in Death (late March, 2059), Trueheart thanked Dallas for her assistance in having him transferred from stiff-scooping detail to Central.[20]
    • He is shot and wounded in Witness in Death.[21] Injuries include a gash along the thigh and spinal injuries. He recovers fully.
  • Baxter becomes Trueheart's trainer in July 2059 (Purity in Death).
  • By March 2060, he'd lost a lot of the green he'd had on him when Eve had first seen him on scooper detail.[10]
  • As of June 2060, he was described as young and slightly seasoned.[22]
  • In July 2060 (Indulgence in Death) Baxter judges that Trueheart is almost ready to take the detective exam, although this is fast track. Baxter tells Dallas that Trueheart "needs a little more time".[12]
  • His trainer, Baxter, believes that Trueheart will "make a good detective."[12]
    • Baxter says Trueheart will be a good detective because he's "quick", has "good instincts", and "thinks things through".[12]
    • Baxter believes Trueheart is "made for Homicide" because he sees that every homicide victim is a person, and that he will never lose that, even with time: "he's wired that way".[12]
  • In autumn of 2060, Trueheart shows "good, creative work"[23] in building a color-coded spreadsheet of victims and witnesses during the search for the Red Horse murderer (Delusion in Death).[24]
  • He takes and passes the exam for Detective, third grade, in January 2061.[25][26]
    • After receiving his badge at the promotion ceremony, he "sent Eve a grin that was Christmas morning, the Fourth of July, and New Year’s Eve all in one."[26]

Nicknames Edit

  • Baby Face[27]
  • Officer Danish (to go along with Baxter as "Detective Pig-Eater" as they enjoy a breakfast buffet at Eve's house)[28]
  • Officer Friendly[29]
  • He was given the game Super Street Fighter by Peabody and Dallas while he was in the hospital.[30]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • When he was included in the pursuit of Kenneth Stiles, he was in heaven since he was after a murder suspect with Dallas (he thought she was amazing).[31]
  • Trueheart likes to come to work a little early, so he can "look over yesterday’s work."[10]
  • Right handed
  • Lives thirty-six blocks from Roarke's mansion.
  • In Vegas, he won over five thousand dollars on a slot called Pirate Quest.[32]
  • In summer 2060, Trueheart has a "pretty, shy-eyed girlfriend"[33] named Cassie.[34] They are still dating in December 2060, and Dallas thinks "they must be serious".[35]

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