I am apparently really bad at keeping up on my blog posts here, so, I am going to resolve to be a bit better at that.

In this blog post I am going to ask the "In Death" community for some help.

Occasionally, I get questions about the series. Some of those questions I can answer easily, but for some require some research. This is where the community comes in. If I happen to get a question from someone that I can't answer easily, I will throw that question to you, and hopefully together, we can find an answer.

Recently I was asked: In which book does Roarke give Eve her "Magic Coat?" The person who asked the question thought it was early on in the series, but actually, it's later in the series. The book was "Celebrity in Death," Chapter 12.

"When she pulled the jacket out of the box, he saw the deep, burnished bronze suited her just as well as he'd hoped. It would hit her mid-thigh, and fall very straight. The deep slash pockets...reinforced...would hold everything she needed to carry. The buttons on the front and on the decorative belt in the back, were in the shape of her badge."

This will now be added to the Gifts page

Please feel free to ask questions if you can't find the information you need here. Your questions will help to grow the Wiki.



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